A fashion film displaying Echowear designs through the eyes of the designer herself  a creative collaboration of artists and performers who were carefully selected by Echo to manifest her vision.

If you have not seen this film, I would highly recommend watching it with full screen in bigger screen with speaker in a quiet environment where is no interruption for 5 minutes. Yes, it is only 5 minutes, but every seconds are piece of art we created together. Corey White made sound design from scratch, and you  can experience amazing sound.

Thank you,

Echo Higuchi

Our Process

After over a year of production, we have have released our Premier Fashion Film! After countless hours of work by our inspiring creative team, we finally get to see our abstract become concrete… It has been a big collaboration with some of the best talent that Austin has to offer. We brought our maximum for creating and editing every shot for detail, color, movement — at all angles. Hours and hours of couture visual work by Corey White — editing, adding effects and sound design from scratch. Re-shootng, re-editing, changing and adjusting color until we found satisfaction. We would like to give a big thanks to our whole crew, our family, and friends.

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Our Work of Art

We had five make up tests with our amazing body and makeup artist Mirabai Wagner. We shot with some of our favorite models: Ishani Ishaya, Lauren James, Brynn Route, Maia Valentine Wolf, and Emilie Destruel Johnson. We did test shootings twice, and real shootings three times with Jefe Greenheart and Rob Seidel, of Onion Creek Productions. 


Millinery, Costume Design:


Art and Performance Director:

Echo Higuchi


Echo Higuchi, Jefe Greenheart, Corey White

Director of Photography:

Jefe Greeenheart, Corey White


Echo Higuchi


Lauren James, Brynn Route, Emilie Destruel Johnson, Ishani IshayaMaia del Mazo

Hair, Make-up & Body Paint:

Mirabai Wagner of Mirabai Designs


Travis Tuck and Constance Cook

Camera Operators:

Rob Seidel, Corey White


Jefe Greenheart, Rob Seidel, Corey White, Sam Lewis

Editor & Visual Effects:

Corey White

Sound Design & Original Music:

Corey White

Production Coordinator:

Warren McKinney

Produced by :

Art Seen Alliance.

Special thanks to:

Dave Wolf and Sam Lewis at St. Elmo Soundstage,

 Aaron Brown at Onion Creek Productions,


Warren McKinney at Art Seen Alliance.