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Echo Higuchi design is a unique hybrid, a conversation between many different elements speaking in harmony, the creation of a new language, a new life, a new vision. From Osaka Japan, lives in Austin, TX, USA. Birthday January 14th.


Customised for QUIXOTIC

This stunning and beautiful headdress was created by ECHOWEAR for Quixotic, a contemporary cirque and dance performance ensemble. This piece was custom-designed for my role as the Sun Goddess. Wearing this, I felt transformed into this delicate yet powerful and confident character because this piece perfectly embodied those qualities. I am constantly amazed by the craftsmanship, the attention to detail, and the creativity and imagination that goes into each and every piece made by ECHOWEAR. These are not mere costumes or props, but works of art. Echo’s unique designs cannot be found anywhere else, and her ability to mold and manipulate leather is remarkable. For all of these reasons, I would highly recommend ECHOWEAR!
Laura Jones Wallner
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Echo’s fire headdress is a brilliant work of art. I often use it at the crescendo of my act when I perform fire shows with Quixotic. When I put the headdress on, I feel like I am in control, commanding the audience’s attention and fascination through my movements. I would recommend Echowear to anyone that wants to add a new level of mysterious, edgy, grace or power to their persona.
Ken Hill
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As a performer, I’ve commissioned multiple dresses, costumes, and head-pieces from Eriko Higuchi for over 10 years. I also have her healing stone necklaces which are beautiful and soulful and get comments whenever I wear them.

Eriko crafts in multiple mediums with a high attention to detail and a truly unique, adventurous, original style. Anytime I wear her designs, I know that I have a one of a kind look that sets me apart. 

I appreciate that Eriko understands my body type. She create styles that are fitted, sexy, contemporary, & flattering… and I don’t have to be a size 0 to look good in them!

Lastly, her designs are timeless and do not fall apart. I still have every item she’s made and am proud to have her work in my arsenal.

Laura Scarborough

musician / performing artist

Customized for Hélène Michèle

Helene: I had seen the work she did with Quixotic and they are a huge inspiration for me. I knew I wanted her to be a part of anything I did.
I want my dancers to be represented just as much as I am and their costumes must complement our show and me on stage.
I chose more of a sexier vibe for the black costumes to fit with more of the edgier songs I have and will have in future performances.
I wanted the white costumes to have more of a classic look with a futuristic touch on the skirts. I knew I wanted white costumes because the lights would look so good on them and really make them stand out.

Q: How did you like the black costume design?
i love them, and have been obsessed with the straps every time i see them on the girls.
They complement the bodies very well.
I want design to be a huge part of our performance and I love the way she understands what I am looking for.

She has a very edgy, fashion forward mind like me and it helps that she has a similar vision for the costumes.
The white costumes are beautiful and elegant on the dancers.
Some of my songs are softer and the white design gives the songs what they need. It is all a picture that has to make sense. When you skip on these details, it might not be noticed, but when they are there, it completes the entire story.
I wanted to do a combination of a street look with the white, sort of like ‘dancers after class’.
Echo’s costumes enable the dancers to make sense and complement me in these pictures.

Q: who shot the picture?
Helene: Piper Rastello
The white costume shoot was inspired by a song I heard by the band ‘The White Lies’ called ‘Death’ (ha)
Here it is:

I often hear songs or see an image and it will inspire an entire shoot, song, or idea.
That is why visuals are so important to me in my show and that is why I really wanted the costumes to be a part of it.
I am a huge fan of you Echo!
I definitely plan on including Echowear in future shows and collaborating with Echo for ideas and different concepts.
I hope to be able to promote her work on tours and in videos. I like the idea of a team and it would be very meaningful for me to see her grow and keep her with me.
IG: @helenemichele

Echo did a great job taking my vision and turning it in to a workable reality. I had a very tight budget and she was able to work within those constraints and still come up with full sets of costumes for the entire band within the timeframe that we needed them. Thanks Echo! -Joel Laviolette

Designer and seamstress extraordinaire, I have the greatest respect for Echo’s work. I believe that Echo is one of the finest practitioners of her craft that I have ever met.
Heather Bache ( Otsu Designs )