Phoenix headdress for QUIXOTIC

This stunning and beautiful headdress was created by ECHOWEAR for Quixotic, a contemporary cirque and dance performance ensemble. This piece was custom-designed for my role as the Sun Goddess. Wearing this, I felt transformed into this delicate yet powerful and confident character because this piece perfectly embodied those qualities. I am constantly amazed by the craftsmanship, the attention to detail, and the creativity and imagination that goes into each and every piece made by ECHOWEAR. These are not mere costumes or props, but works of art. Echo’s unique designs cannot be found anywhere else, and her ability to mold and manipulate leather is remarkable. For all of these reasons, I would highly recommend ECHOWEAR!

-Laura Jones Wallner

Beautiful art footage from an amazing photographer Stephen Goldblatt. 
Artistic director:Anthony Magliano  
Model: Laura Jones  
Music: Onyay Pheori
Costume: Erica Sword

Headdress: ECHOWEAR Designs

Laura Jones of Quixotic Fusion wearing ECHOWEAR phoenix headdress

Photographer: Jeff Evrard

Making process

Quixotic Instagram screenshot

screenshot from fashion film model; Ishani Ishaya Makeup: Mirabai Wagner

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